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September Northeast Empidonax id

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I'm so tired of not listing flycatchers.   Especially when they so obligingly pose for pics. 

I would like to ask your opinions on this bird, which (silently) visited my Long Island, NY backyard late September this year.  Personally I am strongly leaning Least, if for no other reason than it definitely struck me as small in size while viewing.  The eyerings seem defined enough as well.  Appreciate your input.

DSCN1277 DSCN1286


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Thank you all so much for your input; your points are well taken, the bill does look a little stout on some of the shots and same goes for the tail.  For what it's worth, I am adding some more pics (the bird stayed still quite some time, patiently posing and daring me to id it). 









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Thanks to all who responded, you have given me a greater understanding of what's involved in id-ing these flycatchers, and I will dread them even more in the future?.  Looks like this one will remain in the taxa file, potentially traill's.

For those interested, I did take a better look at ebird listings for Least, Alder, and Willow on Long Island and I now see what I'm dealing with.  There are only less than 80 all-time listings for Alder across the whole of LI, mostly migratory and many if not most utilizing the bird's vocalizations.  Based on individual comments of some listers, there also seems to be a bit of contention as to how many were actually alders as opposed to willows. (In other words, lots of 'Alder Doubt' on LI.?)  Willow apparently the more expected species, much more freely and commonly listed during summer, but also many utilizing vocalizations for the questionable migratory season ids.  Least listings seemed to be a mixed bag, with some attached photos that I might personally consider questionable after this thread.  (Lots of 'stout'-looking beaks!).  But for me still too subjective a call.  

Thanks again, all.

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