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I was taking photos of cedar waxwings just outside the house... There were some other birds like titmice, a single junco, YRWA, robins, amgo... 
Anyway...  I'm just(days and days later) looking at photos and I see this bird with the waxwings and... weird. It has its head down...  looks like a long thin bill but, that may be the angle/position?  Looks like some peachy color just under the top part of the wing???  you can see a little white at the corners of the tail...  I'm thinking these may all be good ID marks but, some birds you just know and some, well, I'm not good with ALL the details. Like the underside/tip of the tail on a robin... I couldn't ID a robin with that.
I'm hoping some of you can pick at these photos and tell me what I'm looking at. I am assuming, with what I can see, these photos are of the same bird. Is this just a robin? That's the only thing that makes sense with what I know I saw that day and, that LITTLE bit of color...  is it a younger bird? Or just a poor angle? Why don't I have any pictures of this bird with its head up?  Say cheese you silly bird.  ha



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