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8 minutes ago, IKLland said:

What was the habitat?

Not sure. I can try to find out. Photos were sent by a family member. I understand the bill is not reflective of an adult raptor, but as I said, to me it appears quite young. Maybe a nestling? The look of the bill can change quite a bit from the earlier/nestling stages of development.? Unfortunately the bird guides spend little time on nestling stages (which makes sense)

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7 hours ago, PaulK said:

Any chance it's a chicken?

Welcome to Whatbird!

Hi thanks. Technically it's welcome "back". I had an account that I didn't log into for a long time. It must have been purged

Anyway, I don't really think chicken. I've raised them and they don't look like that at that size....

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4 hours ago, ColoTomo said:

Woodland/ open swampy

Lots of coots, gallinule, limokin. Frequent Kestrel....

Aha. Long legs and toes (bright yellow too), pale underside, small size, habitat, and bill shape all look good for Purple Gallinule or Sora. Leaning Gallinule.

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