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Possibly a new wren for me (Southern California)

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Got out yesterday in Southern California before the rain.  I believe the first is a Cactus Wren.  Oddly enough, it hoped into a cactus and a different bird popped out.  I'm not sure since I thought I was following a Cactus Wren.  Bird went into a Pepper Tree and out came a Scrub Jay.  A Christmas Miracle.  

The last one I think is a Red-tailed Hawk from a week earlier.  

Thank you for all your help.  Salton Sea next week so looking for a lot of new species!

Cactus Wren, I think 


2nd bird, Northern Mockingbird?  didn't get a great shot. 


Scrub Jay


Red-Tailed Hawk?  Juvenile?





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