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Still sorting pictures from Arizona at the end of November / early December.  I think the first one is a female Lawrence Goldfinch.  I saw a lot of Lesser Goldfinches, but the yellow in the wings here is very different.  Pretty sure about this one.  The second is in the shadows, but I think it is a Clay-colored Sparrow.  Not so sure on this one.  These were both taken near Green Valley, at Canoa Preserve.  The 3rd one is quite fuzzy - sorry - from Gilbert Water Park.  I went thru the ebird hotspot sightings, and the answers I come up with are maybe Sage Thrasher or Swainsons Thrush, but I sure don't know.  The last one is also from Gilbert, and I think it is a Lincoln Sparrow - but hoping to get wiser opinions.  Thanks for any help.  Rich 


DSCN8537 (2).JPG

DSCN8153 (4).JPG

DSCN9364 (2).JPG

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I agree with AlexHenry. The goldfinch is distinctive with that grayish body and yellow wings, and you can see that the sparrow is relatively drab gray-brown, with pale lores and gray nape pointing to Brewer's. The fact that the pipit is on the ground leaves it to only a few families of ground-dwelling songbirds, and the thin bill rules out sparrows, besides all of the typical American Pipit markings. Buffy malar and crisp streaking make four a pretty clear Lincoln's Sparrow.

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