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I know we have so many incredible photographers on here, many that are better than me, and I’d love to see your FAVORITE photo of the year. It doesn’t have to be your best, just your favorite.

here’s mine. 
I love white crowned sparrows! They’re my favorite sparrow, and one of my favorite birds. I had a flock in my yard last winter, and when they returned this winter I couldn’t believe it! I’ve gotten so many good shots of them, but this one is my favorite. 

I had a great year.

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4 minutes ago, Chris Clem said:

My best photo of the year. I like everything about it except the green bush intruding on the left. June 19 2021 Great Horned Owl in the Mojave Desert from about 75ft away.


DSC00332 sony image edit 111.jpg

Great shot! I think the bush is fine. It adds a sense of habitat to the image, and doesn’t distract from the bird.

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