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This was probably my favorite. Before the day I got this photo, I had never seen a Sagebrush Sparrow for longer than a few seconds and always from a distance, but this bird was teed up and singing its heart out the whole time I was watching it, which was for almost 45 minutes. By far one of the best bird experiences I've ever had!


Here are some of my other best shots last year. 


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I had a really good year as far as photos go.  If I thought too much about which photo was my best or favorite, I'd probably never come up with just one photo.  But the first photo that popped into my head was this one.  I see Red-headed Woodpeckers fairly often in my neighborhood, but most of the time they are high in the trees.  I was really happy to catch this bird a little above eye level and managed to get a good shot of it.  

Red-headed Woodpecker


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