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First Rare Bird of 2022


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On 1/1/2022 at 2:54 PM, Charlie Spencer said:

A cooperative bird, too.  I was looking at a kettle of BLVU when he broke out of it.  Eventually he passed over about fifty feet up.  Unmistakable adult head and tail.

Anecdote from yesterday: when I was traveling between two birding spots, I noticed some vultures in the road. Then one broke away and wasn't a vulture, but a bald eagle, trying to take off with an opossum carcass. Me and the car coming from the other direction stopped and stared for a minute before the eagle gave up and went into a tree.

I mean, I know eagles scavenge, I had just never seen it before. Especially with plenty of lakes around with fish.

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Got a good look but no photo of a Prairie Warbler New Years day in our backyard that was flagged rare by ebird. In my north portion of Florida they are rare in winter I guess. Tried for a Brown Creeper yesterday in Alachua County Florida but we did not find it.

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