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Mourning or Connecticut Warbler?

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I found this picture from an old trip to Chicago's "magic hedge" (Montrose Point). I was there one Memorial Day weekend and got a few Mourning Warblers. I also got this one with a more pronounced eyering. Is this a female Mourning Warbler? Or could it be a Connecticut Warbler?



Thank you!

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I’ve been tricked by these before as well. The issue is that migrant female Mourning Warblers can be extremely difficult to get a clear look at, making it difficult to rule out Connecticut.

Generally you want to focus on size, shape, and behavior as much as (or more than) plumage, when identifying these. Connecticut is bigger, chunkier, and shorter-tailed, and tends to walk along the ground more like a thrush. Mourning Warblers behave more like a Common Yellowthroat, in that they also favor dense tangles of vegetation close to the ground, but they tend to hop around (not walking; hopping or short little flights) and perch on little sticks in the vegetation.

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