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In my zoology course we learned quite a bit about birds and how they work.

The two most interesting to me (and what I can remember right now) was that

1. In birds it takes two breathes to get the bolus of air through their lungs and out, instead of one like us and they don’t have any mixing of air within the lungs. This allows them to always have fresh air moving across the lungs at all times, which makes them more efficient at extracting oxygen from the air which is why they can have elevated body temperatures (40 degrees +). As high body temperatures need a high metabolic rate, which requires more oxygen. Which is also why they can’t be ovoviviparous as the eggs would not develop properly if retained within the mother as the temperature would be too high. 

2. The Turaco (Guinea turaco) is the only true green pigmented bird. All other green birds have blue structural colour overlayed with yellow pigment so they appear green. 

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2 hours ago, Kevin said:

There are varying opinions, but I am going with Wikipedia for now...

There are 361 Hummingbird species!  I knew there were a lot, but I had no clue there was that many. 


Also, hummingbirds are only in the American continents. It would have had to be a bit of a shock coming from Europe, in past history.  "Look at that bug!"

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