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A Couple Foggy Birds

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NW Washington, 10/27/18, thanks. 

I'd like this to be an Eared Grebe but Horned is much more likely here. White under the chin and on the neck match my guide for Eared. Not a lot to work with with these pics, I know. 

45593013021_0daf5de3c6_c.jpguntitled-9598.jpg by jeffroscoe, on Flickr

44679058555_a47fb88f62_c.jpguntitled-9595.jpg by jeffroscoe, on Flickr


30652000567_ed4cc8a940_c.jpguntitled-9558.jpg by jeffroscoe, on Flickr

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Eared Grebe is correct.  Note the culmen quite straight, almost appearing a bit upturned.  A good field mark for separating Eared and Horned.  The culmen of a Horned would be curving downward toward the tip, and the black/white border across the cheek quite distinct in comparison to Eared.

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