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Red-tailed vs Red-shouldered

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36 minutes ago, floraphile said:

Thank you @Birding Boy.  I called it Red-tailed b/c was interpreting the white on the back as a "V".  Can you help me out with that?

This is one of those things where I know it’s a RSHA, but it’s difficult to explain why haha. Sadly I don’t have much personal experience with RSHA so I don’t know how much white is typical for an immature of that species, but I don’t find myself using that for identification purposes very much. Hopefully someone else here can help out.

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6 minutes ago, Jerry Friedman said:

Also the long tail and the rows of pale icicles on the secondaries.  But I can't help with the V on the back.  I don't suppose, @floraphile, that you got shots from any other angle?

Unfortunately, not.  That would've been too helpful!  😄 

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