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Digital File Naming Tip for Nikon users.

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A follow-up to the recent thread.

One disadvantage of Nikon cameras compared to Canon and probably many other brands is that file numbering only goes to 10,000 and then re-starts with the potential for duplication.

I use different bodies but as an example for my D7500 I change the initial characters DSC to 750. When I hit 7509999 I rename to 751 and so on.

No duplication, I know which camera body I used and how many total images I've taken to date (my last photo yesterday was 7536685 so 46,685), all from the file number.

PS. There are other ways to check the total shutter count of a camera, this is just a bonus.

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Initially, I had a similar idea but then ran into the situation when the camera reached 9999 during a shoot, since by that time I wasn't keeping a sharp eye on the numbering.  If I didn't stop shooting at just the right time, in order to go through the menus to change the file name, then I would have to change each individual filename in camera. And that takes too much time. 

Instead, I decided to add a number prefix to the filename as I import the images to my computer.  This way I can even change the numbering in the middle of a group and it works quite well for me.

Just thought to add my 2¢ on the subject. :classic_unsure:

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