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Please ID this bird who came out in the small snow "storm" we had yesterday in Douglasville, GA.  I have seen him/her many times in the past and believed it was a Cooper's Hawk.  I posted it on FB and a fellow poster believes it is a "Peregrine Falcon AKA Sparrow Hawk", which I did notice has different markings, such as gray bars rather than rust bars and the eyes look different in a couple of ways.  Since I possibly have already misidentified, please let me know ID and any identifying marks that would be different than the Peregrine Falcon.  Thank you - Bonnie Enriquez



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20 minutes ago, meghann said:

Sparrowhawk is a term that used to be used for American Kestrels


Pigeon Hawk - Merlin

Chicken Hawk - Accipiters and Red-tailed Hawk.

Duck Hawk - Peregrine Falcon

What can I say - it's snowing heavily.

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