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seen today in central nc

at first i thought it was another sparrow, but then i noticed a LOT of bobbing up and down as it foraged along the shoreline. my kneejerk reaction was palm warbler (cause its clearly not a spotted sandpiper), but the pics arent great and i cant make out the yellow undertail coverts


IMG_5984 (2).JPG

IMG_5983 (2).JPG

IMG_5982 (2).JPG

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4 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

I don't see a yellow rump and the streaking on the flanks is quite bold.  I think this is an American Pipit.

EDIT:  @Birding Boy beat me!

good. im glad its not just me  not seeing the yellow.

and pipit never came to mind because... its a LIFER 😄 woot woot.

thanks all!

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