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Spotted near the beach

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Hello... Hope you can help me. I spotted this beauty near my home. He was perched on the back of a car. When I pulled up next to him to take a look (and photo) s/he jumped onto my car. I am just curious what s/he is.  


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2 hours ago, Nighthawk01 said:

Umm, is that a reference I don’t understand or...?

Gods, what are they teaching kids these days, that you're not familiar with a cinema classic?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 'Commando', one of his most quotable works of art.  Basically it's just another action flick.  His character says the line to 'Sully', one of the people making his life miserable.  Later, he reminds Sully, "Remember when I said I'd kill you last?  I lied." and then drops him off a cliff.  When someone else asks where Sully is, Matrix (Arnie) deadpans, "I had to let him go."  If you like he-man action movies that don't require (or stand up to) much brain power, it's a harmless way to kill a Saturday night.

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