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I do believe I have a Juvenile Bald Eagle here... Can you help me estimate age please...

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2 hours ago, Ken Nielsen said:

This little guy must be pretty young

Hi, Ken.  @gpoole has it right.

Birds that are fed in nests by their parents reach their full adult size by the time they leave the nest.  If the bird looks smaller than the adults, it isn't because it's young, it's because it's a different species.

While the colors of your bird do look somewhat like a Bald Eagle, check that beak.  At all ages, the schnozz on Baldies is significantly larger in proportion to the head.  There's also too much white on the underparts for a Baldie of any age, and immatures don't have the light and dark bands on the tail.

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2 hours ago, Hasan said:

Any more photos? It's definitely a Red-tail, but I'm interested in the subspecies. Location?

This is in Southwest Washington State at the Ridgefield Wildlife Area. Thanks to everyone here for squaring me away on the first thing... the identity of the species. Red Tailed Hawk it is and you guys are so very valuable for helping.

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