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Purple Sandpiper? (not my bird) - South Padre Island, TX - 1/18/2022

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First off, I hope that I've correctly linked to the photo & checklist in question above.

Secondly, because it is not yet confirmed, I thought I might trouble ya'll as to the veracity of this ID, since I'm considering maybe chasing it this weekend.

Please and thanks!


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14 minutes ago, Tanager 101 said:

? I don't get whatever the joke is with the Fo' shizzle. But yes I agree with the ID on the bird.

It was before your time, Young Birder.  Translated from Snoop-Dogg-ese, it means 'Yes'.

1 hour ago, Avery said:

Is “ Fo’ Sho’ “ better?

And not "Sho' 'Nuff" or " 'A-sa big 10-4" either.

Edited by Charlie Spencer
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