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Hummingbird sp? - Cuero, DeWitt Co, TX - 1/19/22

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So there's a secondary hummingbird that I only barely catch glimpses of, due in part to the fairly territorial nature of the resident Broad-tailed Hummingbird whose been hanging around since November of last year.  Today was the first day I caught it sneaking on to the feeder, right around dusk, under the radar of the Broad-tailed who was standing guard about 30 feet away up in an Anaqua tree on the opposite side of the feeder.  I realize the attached are far from great photos, but I was wondering if we could narrow it down at all from them?  Eyeball notes (from slow-mo video review of the same video where these shots are extracted from): no rufous visible on top side of bird at all.  limited buffy wash on sides.  Limited rufous on tail feathers.  Very quite bird, maybe the quietest little kissing-type sounds emanating from the bird, but never heard any good audio from it really (closest sound match to my ear was the Anna call, but I know that can't be right because of range and presence of limited buffy wash on sides).  Possibly another immature male / female Broad-tailed here?

Significant cold front pushing through tonight, so thought i would post what I had in case it didn't show up again.

Some of the attached have been slightly lightened, but that's it.









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22 minutes ago, Caley Thomas 2.0 said:

Possibly another immature male / female Broad-tailed here?

That's what I would say, though definitely wait for someone with more experience with Selasphorus hummingbirds than me. 

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