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It’s a hawk of some sort … the white tail has me wondering otherwise I’d say a red tailed hawk. The coloring doesn’t look like a white tailed hawk.

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It was spotted in the late morning in Mechanicsburg, PA on Jan 20, 2022.  It was keeping an eye on my bird feeder, often visited by squirrels.  IBird was all over the map with trying to identify it.   

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I'd say white-tailed is unlikely due to range. I have been trying to look close at the photo. It is in shadow, but I see no trace of the rusty red on the shoulders. The back looks darker then a white tailed hawk would normally be. My first guess would be a Cooper's Hawk. To me that is what looks closest to it. What is making me second guess Copper's is the tail. It doesn't appear to really have any markings on the underside, but that could just be the sun reflecting off of it. Maybe sharp-shinned too? I am having trouble telling tail sharp due to angle. From that angle it doesn't show the back of the head very well for rounded or squared head. @experts what do you think?

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