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Cassin's Finch?

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I have been wondering what finch this is. This was seen in the same spot as the Cassin's Finches about at the same time. Location is Rocky Mountains N.P Colorado. about August 10th. This bird from what I could tell could not fly. It only hopped on the ground . I was able tog et very close to it. Possible a bird the recently left the nest? To me it kind of looks like a Cassin's Finch, but the streaking doesn't seem to be dark and bold enough. I've seen many house finches but this doesn't look like one. Thank you! I can provide more details if nessisary.

Cassin's Finch.JPG

Cassin's Finch 2.JPG

Cassin's Finch 3.JPG

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Cassin’s and House Finches look very different once you have taken the time to get to know them. Cassin’s is the more expected Haemorhous finch at RMNP, but I do believe both breed there. As other have pointed out, bill shape, and eye ring are a good place to start. HOFI also appear proportionally longer-tailed than either CAFI or PUFI.

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