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2022 Year Lists!


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I escaped the cold and snow and headed West which allowed me to shoot past 200 species in the last few days. Sitting at 208, but number 209-a brewers blackbird-is in my yard right now, but I’ll wait to add him to a future checklist.

Fairly confident I’ll surpass 300 species this year now. 

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1 hour ago, Connor Cochrane said:

Just getting on the plane back from Texas, at 404 for the year right now in the ABA. Im visiting family in Colorado and Massachusetts later this year so will have opportunities to add a few more. Im predicting I’ll end the year around 500 

Wow. Very impressive! I’ll be lucky if I end around 250, I’m only at 194 right now. 

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On 5/3/2022 at 9:27 AM, chipperatl said:

I thought I was having such a good start to the year, and then I see the comparison to last year.  Last year when I was able to take this whole week off and bird.  So falling quickly behind.  

This month has been crazy good for the year list it turned out.  5 FOY birds today to push me past 200 for the year (203).  By far the earliest I have ever passed that number.  It usually isn't until the fall.  County overall is pacing better than ever to I believe.  Some really, really good birds have showed up.  

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