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Thanks chipperatl. There has been some chatter on the PABIRDS listserv about cismontanus (Cassiar?) in PA the last several days. I have never distinguished Juncos before, and never knew there were so many types or sub-species. I have a few more pics, but they are very similar to the first - here's 2 more. I'm 90% sure the thirdt one is the same bird. Thanks.



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I would totally call this a Slate-colored, I think the weird lighting is making the head seem darker than it is. There's not much of a bib either, and the flanks appear to be as dark as portions of the head. I've seen one or two birds like this and always assumed them to be Slate-coloreds.

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7 minutes ago, chipperatl said:

You think there is enough to say it has a "hood" on it?  That third photo looks pretty straight across.  Bad angle?

I think so, though I totally could be wrong. The angle can really make a huge difference, and I don't see very many Slate-colored or Cismontanus here in sac. 

Here's a one I saw that looks somewhat similar to this bird. Flanks aren't as dark however. 



You guys are probably right though


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Thanks chippperatl, and everyone. As you mentioned or can tell from the shadows, the light for these pics is bad - it was later in the afternoon and in the shade. I will continue to keep an eye out for this bird, and try for a photo in better light. This was a great dive into the world of Juncos - thanks again!

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