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Message added by Kevin,

Link to BRDL: https://brdl.alex.gd

Look up the bird code here:https://alphacodes.net/index.html

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I'm  sure others have already found this, but for those that haven't clicked the "banding code" link right under BRDL at the top of the page, it might be worth checking out. Not only do they explain how banding codes work, but they provide a link to the list of codes that they use in the game.

BRDL uses these codes for solutions, but uses several bird code sources to help faciliate guessing.

Woo-hoo, the copied links work.?

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Surprise expressed.
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After quickly scrolling through the list of birds and codes used by the game I came to a scary realization that I want to share. I don't think it will spoil anything, but it might cause the same frustration in the game as birds can cause in the field. That's right, there are HYBRID codes for some species AND there's also banding codes for UNIDENTIFIED species too. ?

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