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Message added by Kevin,

Link to BRDL: https://brdl.alex.gd

Look up the bird code here:https://alphacodes.net/index.html

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56 minutes ago, Birding Boy said:

Looks like they’re letting us vote for which codes to use, ABA or USGS


Even with ABA, there's still a lot of code 3-6 birds that would make the game less fun since those are so unexpected. Ideally it should be limited, or at least heavily skewed, to the code 1 and 2 birds that are "expected" for our region.

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48 minutes ago, Jeff Baughman said:

I just started playing the game about a week ago and would like to play previous BRDL quizzes. Is there a way to try those games?


Unfortunately I don't think anyone has made such a page. Even for standard Wordle, there was an archive page but it got shut down about a week ago.

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