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Message added by Kevin,

Link to BRDL: https://brdl.alex.gd

Look up the bird code here:https://alphacodes.net/index.html

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How does everyone feel about hints/spoilers being discussed about the current game? I know some people drop little hints, sometimes without knowing it, and sometimes there's bigger hints, like the one I dropped above. While my hint doesn't reveal the bird, it does eliminate a lot of options which makes it a pretty big hint.

Unless there are major objections, I suggest that we discuss the current game regardless of the spoilers we might leave behind, instead of trying to discuss it in private or waiting until the next day. For those of us that don't want any spoilers, it's as simple as doing the daily BRDL before we check this thread. We'd have to give everyone a chance to adjust to spoilers being discussed before dropping really obvious spoilers, but I think it's worth considering.

Any thoughts?

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