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Message added by Kevin,

Link to BRDL: https://brdl.alex.gd

Look up the bird code here:https://alphacodes.net/index.html

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15 minutes ago, lonestranger said:

I don't know the required frequency, but the way it's worded on  https://www.aba.org/aba-checklist/, I think they have to show up in the Americas at one point or another to make the list. So I guess it's already happened.

"The ABA Checklist includes species found in the ABA Area which are breeding species, regular visitors, casual and accidental species from other regions that are believed to have strayed here unrestrained by humans, and well-established introduced species that are now part of our avifauna. Species Total: 1128"

It happened in 1989. I found this species on eBird.

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