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Another Id from last year (Beware, redpolls)

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Feb 26, 2021. Oakland Co. Michigan

At the time I noticed several darker redpolls in a set of flight photos I had taken. However, I failed to follow up on them, dismissing it as lighting or something. Revisiting the photos now however, I'm intrigued by their super dark appearance in contrast to nearby redpolls, and they also appear to be more heavily streaked. Is it even worth considering the Greenland subspecies for these or should I just go to bed and get redpolls out of my system? Anyways, as always, thanks for taking a look!





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51 minutes ago, Avery said:

I would let it rest. You’ll see some very dark birds this winter, but size and shape should be your first clue, which is very hard in flight. 

I should have listened to myself, I don't know how I completely forgot about flammae like this bird on my own checklist https://ebird.org/checklist/S98919968

*Facepalm* Anyways, thanks, and another reminder I shouldn't try complex identifications late at night.

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