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31 Jan 2022 Alajuela CR

I seem to recall that, although Costa Rica is in north America, that I should post these here in the "outside North America" thread.  If not correct, please move @Aveschapines

1.  Clay-colored Thrush


2.  Hoffman's Woodpecker


3.  Summer vs. toer tanager sp.


4.  warbler sp--should have brought my warbler guide1814548991_DSC04721-Copyed.thumb.jpg.880fd1319fdf9b67ff54aea9736bac92.jpg


DSC04723 - Copyed.jpg

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We decided that we'd leave it up to posters to decide whether to use the NA or non-NA sub-forum for Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Hawaii. The main reason for a seperate non-NA forum is because those posts tend to get fewer answers and it takes a little longer, so they got buried under the active NA ID posts. Before we had the separate forum most of my ID requests went unanswered; now the non-NA posts pretty much never do.

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