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Bird feeder height

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1 hour ago, BirdManAndy said:

I put up a bird feeder about 2 weeks ago, that has not attracted any birds. It is hanging from a 10' branch, about 6' above the ground. Is this too close to the ground?

What kind of seed are you using? Black Oiled Sunflower Seed is the most popular seed but it can sometimes take a while for the birds to find a new food source regardless of the type of seed. Once a few birds realize there's food to be had, your feeder will become more and more popular. In the meantime, I'd refresh your seed regularly, just putting out a little at a time and dispersing the old stuff on the ground. Your increased activity at the feeder will draw more attention to the feeder and the scattered seed on the ground will attract more birds. Before you know it the birds will be waiting in line for you to fill the feeder.

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Responding to my own old post. Thanks for all the replies.

The trouble was that the little door blocking the bird's access to the seed was blocked. When a heavy animal like a squirrel goes on the feeder, their weight causes the little door to be blocked. When the squirrel leaves, the door is supposed to open. Manually opening and closing the door a few times fixed it.

Another issue that happens, albeit for an hour or so at a time, is a cat will hang out near the feeder. I've only found one bird victim in the ten months I've had a feeder, so this may be uncommon. A few years back, a RTH would eat in a tree near the feeder regularly raining feathers down below. But he doesn't eat here anymore.


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