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Merlin and Peregrine ID

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1. Merlin ID.   Why the confirm?   I don't see Merlin's much and I'm trying to not confuse them with JV Cooper's / Sharp-Shinned Hawks.

The eyebrow seems to be a similar white between Coopers and Merlin's so that doesn't help.

What struck me first is tail.   The pattern was different.   Then the length of the tail.    This Merlin seems to have a little sideburn patch.

Normally I'd see Orange/Yellow for an eye if JV Cooper's  but I can't tell the eye color here.    But the biggest question I have has to do with the yellow eye ring, if thats what its called.   It seems very thick.   Is that a differentiation between a Coopers and Merlin.

Assuming my ID is correct with Merlin.  Please confirm.





2.  Peregrine Falcon.

The reason I am looking for a confirm here, is I see mostly back and can't tell if there is something else it could be. 

#1 bird picture has a thin side burn,  but this bird's is thick.  Like an American Kestrel.    Which is partly why I could use a confirm for Peregrine Falcon here.


Thank you


2. small.1510991371_PeregrineFalconID1.PNG.641e1b2b1b48f69d2ed1b8bdfd67f2c3.png.1501b011b38d90d9a04df6f1b5ba39ea.png



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