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Spring Migration 2022

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Crows, Robins, and Starlings are now all back and quite common. They seemed to show up all at once. The robins have been singing the last few days, and also saw my first junco of the year (not sure where they’ve been) that was singing as well today. 
Redpolls are still around in high numbers and are very loud, so I blame them for me not hearing a tree sparrow yet.

The the majority of the ponds in my patch are still frozen, so I likely won’t see any new waterfowl or gulls around me until they open up a bit. Lots at the river though.

Definitely get exciting going out in the morning now, as it’s finally the time of year where each day has the possibility of bringing something new. 

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Finally heard an Eastern Towhee singing. I think he's taunting me - was walking the dog and there he was, sitting pretty in a sapling not 20 ft away (and stayed there as I stopped to look at him). He knew I didn't have my camera... Still have juncos hanging around, too, they should be leaving soon.

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Had my FOS Bullock's Oriole, Western Kingbird, and Pacific-slope Flycatcher over the past day or two. Lots and lots of Orange-crowned Warblers, outnumbering the Yellow-rumps in some places. Had a singing Hermit Thrush this morning as well. 

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A slew of Vesper Sparrows arrived in my county during the past few days. I went to a spot where 10 had been reported this morning, and I heard 2 singing and saw two more. At another spot, I saw my first Blue-winged Teal of the year, and the Common Gallinule that arrived a few days ago. It was a nice afternoon, even though it was cold and windy. I even saw a little snow falling on my drive ... I've only seen snow falling in 40+ degree temperatures a handful of times in my life.

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4 minutes ago, chipperatl said:

FOY Brown Thrasher for me in my yard today.  I think I could listen to them chapter on all day.  

My Brown Thrasher flew across the road on our way to our first birding spot. There's a chance that one will show up soon in my yard or a neighbor's yard and sing for a morning.

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