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White-crowned Sparrow?

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White-crowned Sparrows are one of my favorite winter birds.  Last month we had a snowstorm and actually ended up with a couple of inches (NW New Mexico).  Unfortunately, I have health issues and storms tend to put me in bed for a couple of days with intense pain.  So I wasn't able to keep up with the feeding of my local bird population.  I put the seed and nuts in bushes and around trees to give them a chance to escape and hide from our sharp-shinned community (which is substantial).  

I managed to hobble to the front door after the snowfall and opened it to see how much was on the ground.  I saw a single set of bird tracks coming from the yard where I feed them leading to the path up my stairs and finally ended at my front door.  That's when I realized I hadn't fed them for a couple of days.  Karen in bird form came to complain to the manager.  There's a lilac bush close to my door and as I stepped out to set out some seed a White-crowned flew from the bush into a tree close by... and scolded me!  The audacity!  ? 

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