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I know this isn't a Dunlin - leaning White-rumped - SW MI 10/28

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I never caught a view of it in flight.  I had to keep dodging downpours to view this location.  It struck me as White-rumped Sandpiper, and I'm still thinking that just not as confident after looking at the pics.  Long-winged, looked like strong supercilium to me.  It looks a little buffy, but the Baird's I have seen seem more buffy than this one.  The bill looked more drooping than straight.  


44693016625_84fc6efe5e_b.jpg_91A4429.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr

30665944157_b36ebe8b49_b.jpg_91A4427.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr

31734646888_d3f099f030_b.jpg_91A4321.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr

On left of the Dunlin

44882375714_45759e41ee_b.jpg_91A4402.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr

31734648118_fe06636cd7_b.jpg_91A4397.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr


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1 hour ago, sfinmt said:

Why are you disimissing Dunlin?    Bill looks too long for your three mentioned suspects.  BASA and WRSA would also display the long primaries extended above the tail.

Dunlins have much longer bills, there are some in the last few shots to compare with.  I like Baird's here too. 

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