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I live in Florida but am visiting Sedona, so I don't know the local gentry. 

I was in the backyard and saw two birds approx 300 yards away and so were silhouetted, therefore I couldn't see detail. They would leave the branch, hover like a hummingbird, even darting laterally, and did so such that I could see that their wingspace was a blur of movement. Then, it made a downward swoop in the shape of a "J" SO fast, like nothing I've ever seen a living creature do. I'm not being hyperbolic. It reminded me of the video of Navy pilots describing UFOs that they say moved like nothing they've ever seen. 

(For reference, in this same time frame I saw Woodhouse Scrub Jays, Lesser Goldfinches, Cardinals, Cassin's/House Finches, and possibly a Phainopepla.)

Thank you

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