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White or Red Breasted Nuthatch? San Mateo County, California

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34 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

I'm guessing you let yourself be mislead by the original poster's question.  I'm trying to break myself of the same habit.

That’s a good point!!!  I should keep the post neutral to limit the bias..  Thanks for the replies!  What led you to a Pgymy?  I’ve been trying to do the comparisons of course but it’s a challenge with not great photos.

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On 2/11/2022 at 10:59 AM, Pro2typer said:

What led you to a Pgymy? 

It's kind of hard to explain, a lot of it is GISS. It's like a round fluffy ball in the first photo, which I see as a Pygmy Nuthatch. Red-brested nuthatch in general apper slimmer. It's also more brownish below than red, which also points at Pygmy Nuthatch. Size is also another key, Red-breasted Nuthatch would be larger when compared with the pine cones. 

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