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High Codes (ABA Code 3+)

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March 2017 - Ivory Gull on the Flint River in Flint, Michigan. Without a doubt the sketchiest place I have ever birded - the kind of place you don't feel comfortable carrying binoculars and scope around, but you can't leave them in your car either - Flint makes Oakland CA seem super nice. Felt pretty strange to see such a cool bird in the midst of depressing urban decay...


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3 hours ago, AlexHenry said:

Damn good bird. Also, what code is White-tailed Tropicbird? Seems you're on a hot streak lately

Well, I think it used to be 3 but since Hawaii was added it officially at 2. Still got included in the eBird national rare bird alert. This is probably because eBird doesn’t recognize Hawaii as ABA, and thus sees the Tropicbird as 3. 

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9 minutes ago, guy_incognito said:

Got this Trindade Petrel on a pelagic.


Trindade Petrel by mattgrube, on Flickr


Was supposed to be on a pelagic the next day, but it got canceled due to weather.  This White-winged Tern was reported that day, which was one heck of a consolation.


White-winged Tern by mattgrube, on Flickr

@guy_incognito Nice! 

I was on the boat on Friday. Hate I missed you!

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32 minutes ago, guy_incognito said:

I wish I could have been on that boat.  It was fully booked, so we couldn't be moved to it from our canceled trip on Thursday.  White-tailed Tropicbird would have been nice.

The Tropicbird was absolutely awesome, but I still need Trindade... And what amazing timing to be able to see the WW Tern. 

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