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Warbler sp.

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I remember when I was recording this I was under the impression that this was probably a chestnut-capped warbler. Yet, I’m not so sure anymore. Starting to think this may just be a yellow warbler trying to sing? Yellows were by far the most frequent warbler around, but I never heard any make noises other than the ‘chip’ calls. But the third chorus or whatever in the recording sounds yellow warblerish.

Birdnet suggested Indigo bunting but I don’t think that’s it…

It was singing from somewhere up a very tall grove of Guanacaste trees in Sámara Costa Rica, about a month ago. 


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From what I’ve seen their calls seem to occur for much longer than what I’ve recorded but I have found a few that I would say are similar. 
It would be a lifer, so I’m a bit cautious. Still trying to find a recording where it includes the chattering 

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