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Palm Warblers?

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  Sorting my Florida bird pictures - after scratching my head and considering options, I keep coming back to 'Palm Warblers' for all of these.  Nothing against Palm Warblers, was just hoping for more species.  Are these indeed all Palm Warblers?  All taken in first half of February this year.  Picture 1 from Honeymoon Island SP near Clearwater.  Pictures 2 and 3 from Grissom Wetlands near the east coast - they are the same bird.  Picture 4 from the Circle B Bar Preserve in Polk in Central Florida.

DSCN06 - perhaps another Palm Warbler.JPG

DSCN1027 - Warbler - probably Palm.JPG

DSCN1026 - Warbler - probably Palm.JPG

DSCN0791 - Another Palm Warbler perhaps.JPG

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