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East France Raptor ID

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I was visiting the eastern french town of Colmar in Alsace in early February and could not help to look at what birds were around. One bird in particular has me puzzled. It is a raptor that I am unable to identify, photos (such as they are) included. At one point it was itself attacked by an accipiter (last photo). 

The bird is overall light in its markings, wings lightly patterned, wingtips somewhat darker, tail reasonably short and with a terminal dark band. In one photo I get a partial view of its head but am unable to state whether its crown is dark or not.

Anybody able to help with this? 10,000 thanks in advance!






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Thank you very much, checking my guides now as well. The guide I had with me, [Oiseaux d'Europe by Delachaux and Niestle] just did NOT show the terminal tail band which was one of my better clues!  Looking now at my old guide [Birds of Britain and Europe by Bruun and Singer] strongly suggests a Goshawk (Autour), terminal band included.

One can never have enough guides!


PS, I always liked Singer's illustrations and the Robbins and Singer guide to North American birds always got a bad rap.


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Thanks very much for your help, I had the Sparrowhawk so I suppose I was just not imaginative enough to consider two different accipiter's at the same time. By the way, the Goshawk is a lifer for me, woohoo! ?

Best regards and 10,000 thank you's.


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