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Keep it bird related so we don't make admin mad but otherwise the title pretty much covers what I'm looking for. The example below is an American White Pelican walking on ice on the reservoir inside Cherry Creek State Park. The photo was taken in early December 2015. American White Pelicans are abundant in Colorado in the summer but rarely stay for the winter. The ones that do are likely elderly or in poor physical condition for some other reason at simply can't migrate as usual.

002 (3).JPG

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1 hour ago, Johnd said:

An Egret Hover fishing like a pelican or Tern.

not sure if they frequently do this but i had never seen it before or since.


Snowy egret hover fishing


I haven't ever seen this. Very cool and exactly what I'm looking for.

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18 hours ago, IKLland said:

Herons on a roof!


I see Canada Geese on roofs often especially during nesting season but can't say I have ever seen a heron on a roof top.

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18 hours ago, Kevin said:

Maybe this is common somewhere, but it was new to me, yellow-headed Blackbirds on a deer feeder. 


I can't say I have seen them on a deer feeder specifically but they do like farm equipment. And hey, your example has food. What's not to love? I miss these by the way. I use to see them by the hundreds in Colorado as they migrated through. Now in Florida I have seen one in over 3 years.


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Snowy Egret surfing on a Manatee. I have post this event before in other threads but it was just so cool to see. I had to post it again. It fits this thread so well. This was viewed from a boat tour on the St. John's River. The Manatee was eating vegetation and stirring up bugs for the Snowy Egret. Smart bird.


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A Carolina Wren hanging out in a Colorado backyard in the snow unusual all by itself. A Carolina Wren hanging out in the snow in a Colorado backyard with an Oregon Dark-eyed Junco even more unusual.


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