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27 minutes ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

Loggerhead Shrike? White Wagtail? Northern Mockingbird? Fork-tailed Flycatcher? Scissor-tailed Flycatcher? I'm stumped, so this is my last post for this round.


16 minutes ago, chipperatl said:

Pomarine Jaeger

None of these, I probably made this too hard...but it is a coastal/large bodies of water bird

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41 minutes ago, chipperatl said:

Northern Gannet


37 minutes ago, stitch58 said:

Bonaparte's Gull ?


7 minutes ago, Kevin said:

Wood Stork? 

Nah, but the creativity is good, this ain’t a bird many of us think about on a daily basis ?

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8 minutes ago, PalmWarbler said:

Long-tailed bluish Barnacle Goose/Brant? Some sort of goose with a super long tail? I'm out of ideas. ?

Still nope, man I wasn't expecting it to be this hard!

HINT HINT HINT This is a very unique bird...

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