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4 minutes ago, lonestranger said:

Northern Goshawk?


17 minutes ago, Aaron said:

Peregrine Falcon? Not many raptors left 😂


32 minutes ago, Snake Fingers said:

Coopers Hawk


2 hours ago, stitch58 said:

Prairie Falcon?


3 hours ago, PaulK said:

Not an owl


4 hours ago, lonestranger said:

Sharp-shinned Hawk?


4 hours ago, Kevin said:

Northern Harrier? 


14 hours ago, Aaron said:

Swainsons hawk ?


15 hours ago, stitch58 said:



15 hours ago, Birds are cool said:



15 hours ago, jayD said:



21 hours ago, IKLland said:

Cooper’s Hawk?


21 hours ago, Birds are cool said:

Red-tailed Hawk?

In one place so you don't have to look

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