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Strange goldfinch

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How do we rule out anomalous color? Not sure what it would be called, since it's not lack of color or faded (the yellow is bright) but a difference in where the color occurs. I don't get the sense that the bird is still molting, since all of the rest of the color appears fully developed and he looks nocely and smoothly groomed. And wouldn't May be late for breeding pumage to still be developing? (Not at all sure about this but it seems relevant.)

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9 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Is that a technical way of saying what we in South Cackalacky would call a 'weird bird ya got there, Bubba'?

Yeah LOL! I didn't know what to call it, since it doesn't seem to be a lack or excess of pigment, just colors in the wrong place! Kind of a reverse birthmark???

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Yeah, I was asking for clarification on time, because by May, those breeding colors should be all in on these guys. (And while they usually get the black eyebrow look first, I've never seen one just get half a black cap during the process. Not saying it's impossible, just. . .)

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