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Hand Feeding Birds

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My nephew lives in the Algonquin Park area and while my brothers, uncle, cousin and I were visiting last month we spent a lot of time handing feeding the birds. Most of the guys were leaning over the railing and holding their hand up in the air to make the feeding easier for the birds. I on the other hand, decided to make things easier for myself and sat down with my hand full of seed resting comfortably on my knee.  I'm not a video guy but decided to set up and record the birds feeding from my hand. The following video has had the audio removed and some slow motion effects added around the 1:30 mark. If you've ever hand fed birds before, you already know how big a thrill it is to watch the birds as they land on your hand to feed. If you've never hand fed birds before, well, you're missing out on a big thrill.




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We are now hand-feeding 20+ chickadees, 3 WB Nuthatches, and a couple Downies regularly, and the occasional Am. Goldfinch, RB Nuthatch, and Tufted Titmouse.  I'm trying to figure out if it's a good thing or not...it's very difficult to get away from all these birds begging for food! ?

Here are Melinda the nuthatch and Dorothy the Downy.



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