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are there different colored crows?

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I recently started seeing a white bird flying around with the crows in my neighborhood, but every time I reach for my camera, it disappears.  Finally snapped a couple photos, is this just another crow and I've been oblivious to the fact that white ones, or at least non black ones are common?  I live in eastern Washington, it hangs out with the other crows, is the same size as the others and squawks and caws just like them too.  Any help would be appreciated.






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Welcome to Whatbird.  Very, very awesome looking bird!!  There are leucistic birds, dilute birds or albino birds that can lead to a bird having whitish colors.  Albino would lack all pigment, and have pink eyes.  This looks like some combination of leucistic (some combination of white feathers) and dilute (colors made so "transparent" that is much lighter than normal.  Or it could be leucistic and just really grubby from dirt/mud/garbage.  Thanks for sharing.  

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