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Confirm Greater Scaup

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Regarding head shape as well, even without an apparent feather-made peak being visible during observation (such as when the bird is actively diving/foraging) you want to see the apex (or the sharpest) part of the curve in the top of the head (in profile view) to appear to be at or perhaps even a bit in front of the eye (toward the bill) in my somewhat limited experience (I'm much better at finding Lessers than Greaters in my efforts in Texas so far to be sure).  Your second photo, while perhaps not showing a distinctive peak, certainly shows this 'apex' I'm talking about being located near the back/left portion of the profile curve of the head, whereas we're wanting to see it at the front/right (toward the bill) portion of the head for the Greater, if that makes any sense.  Here's a pic of one from Round Rock, TX earlier this year that I hope shows better what I'm talking about than my words can express...it's like the head peaks above/in front of the eye, and then it's all downhill from there...


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