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You have to love when the birds pose for photos. But where do you post them...? Well that is what this topic is for. So admin. doesn't cringe please post no more than 3 of the same bird. And absolutely no captive birds. Example below from yesterday: Pileated Woodpecker that not only posed but was also close. 




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This Sandhill Crane was in (I think, some sort of fast food) a Burger king parking lot and in the grasses in front. Got great looks and was fine with us walking within 5 feet of it. It was rainy and cloudy. Had it been sunny I could have gotten amazing photos.....




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I may have posted this before but I'm old and involved in other forums so forgive me.  I was birding in Cuba and at the time working with my fantastic guide that was doing his best to hook me up with a Pygmy Owl we could hear but not see in the thick short trees and brush.  He finally gave up and walked away.  After a bit, I started to try to catch up to him when I hear a flutter right behind me.  I turn and not 5 feet away is this Cuban Pygmy Owl posing like "oaky, here I am".


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Barn Owl-pointed out by another birder and stayed where it was for them and the group I was with and remained when we left. It is an old photo so I don't remember how many shots I got but it was bunch.


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