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Lesser Greater Tomaeto Tomahto (Scaup and Yellowlegs)

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Two of my weak points on bird ID (along with peeps and gulls and here I live in OR, but that's another problem), yellowlegs in particular the bane of my existence each spring, and moving from WY to OR where I've flipped the more common versions of scaup and yellowlegs (lesser there, greater here)....

Anyway, I digress.

Saturday, March 12, Westport, WA on the bay side of the marina. Into fall Greater Scaup were the more likely duck, but recently a few Lesser Scaup have turned up. I'm used to the Greater more with their rounded head and hunched posture, but these are perky and I've convinced myself the one on the left has a bit of the peaky head.



Sunday, March 13th at Ridgefield NWR, WA, there were other definitive Greater Yellowlegs with the slight upturn to the bill in other spots, and then this solo guy at a small wetland area. I don't detect the upturn, but the bill does look rather longish (longer than the head) for a Lesser. One Lesser has been reported, I reviewed the latest lists after I got home to see if it was possibly the same bird.


Thank you in advance for your always appreciate opinions!

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