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Mysteries... fun and frustrating.

I was driving some back roads hoping to find some american golden plovers the other day... didn't have luck where I expected them. I think after a few days of rain that's forecast I'll have some luck there...  but I did see two birds out in a field... just far enough I could NOT figure out what I was looking at. Most of the field birds around have been starlings and blackbirds, meadowlarks, and killdeer.  These two sort of looked more plover-ish to me from afar... tried to look through the scope but didn't have much luck...   Looking at pictures now and scratching my head even more.  When I zoom in I can almost think plover in one spot... eurasian collared dove in another... and even black-bellied whistling-duck but I can't explain why I'm seeing that... ha.  Wrong size/shape, I know it's not a duck, would be longer neck on bbwd but, something about the head just eh...  it's just a weird look... but, that's just birds at a distance I guess.
First pic is one of about 4 pics I think and it's zoomed out so you can get a feel for the size/shape out there. The rest will be zoomed in/cropped more.



(I think the bird on the right just has plants in front of it changing the way the neck/head look... is weird though)





maybe pigeons?  ha...

I feel like all I'm certain of is that they're birds. I can't tell what details are actually details and which aren't.    grr.... ha


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